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  1. Hello, I just got my AS degree in Medical Assisting and I'm now a CMA. However, I really want to become an RN, every since I was in High School and that was 10 years ago. Its so hard to find schools here in Santa Clara County, which is where I live and I am not willing to relocate because I love living here in Norther California. I got so frustrated trying to find schools down here. The only option I had is San Jose State, but I was told that there is a wait list. Therefore, I found another career where I can make a difference and still be in the health care industry, which is a Health Administrator. I'm attending University of Phoenix online. My plan is to finish, because I have only about two years to get my BSA, but I still want to be an RN...So my questions are....does anyone know of any schools here in Santa Clara County and would it be easy to transfer my credits.? I'm quite confused.
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