Funny Ebay link....hope this works!~

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    I got this email telling me to check this link for a man selling his exwife's wedding dress on ebay. Funny!! This link supposedly only good until the auction ends.
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  3. by   newgrad2004
    yes there was a thread earlier the AM about it.
  4. by   kastas
    What do you think is up with the $15000 bid? Surely not.
    Thanks for the laugh!
  5. by   flowerchild
    Too funny! Thanks for sharing. The bid is actually about $6300 right now. I saw the 15000 too but when you link to his other sale items and go back to the dress you will see the actual bid. Even at 6000 plus, he's doing great with his sale. Perhaps one of the media channels is trying to buy it. He mentioned the Today Show has contacted him.
  6. by   flowerchild
    final bid winner 3850.00 How can that be?
  7. by   lizmatt
    bid retractions... still a pretty decent price though