Fun ideas for competency validations?

  1. We are doing some competency validations next week & I'm looking for any ideas to make the time a little funner for our staff... any ideas?

    I know I can always bring food

    Thx for any ideas!
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  3. by   marycarney
    We just did our yesterday and did a 'Minute-to-Win-It' contest. We used an empty room and there were four stations.
    1) Do a safety check of the room and find what's missing (ambu, suction, code sheet etc)
    2) syringe pump was set up for a fentanyl gtt- find all the mistakes (no tubing labeled, wrong weight programmed etc)
    3) Open the crash cart and pull out all supplies to start an albumin bolus- starting with no IV site
    4) Open the crash cart and prepare to intubate a 4.0 kg patient

    All four ran simultaneously and the first one done 'won' (the winner got to pick their prize first).

    Prizes were from the dollar store (everyone got a prize) : squirt guns, Disney princess tiaras, bubble stuff.....