foreing educated nurse in USA seeking advice on work permit

  1. Hi Friends,
    I am an foreign educated nurse(India to be specific), and worked 1 year as RN in Nepal.
    I'm taking the NCLEX soon, and I believe I should be able to obtain the RN license in a few months time.
    I am currently in H4 visa, and was excited to hear about the new H.R. 1001 The Nursing Relief Act of 2009(hopefully that gets through the house and senate).
    In the mean time what are my options in terms to being able to work in the US after I obtain my RN license.
    I would really appreciate if someone would suggest me something in the regard.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Icenurse
    Hi there,

    What is the H.R. 1001 Nursing Relief Act of 2009?
  4. by   nep.nurse09
    It's basically about creating a new visa type(W) for foreign nurses. If you do a google search you would get a better answer.