foreign Nurses in the UK

  1. I am doing a project and would value your opinions, if you are a foreign nurse working in the UK why take this career path? Do you believe foreign nurses to ease pressure on the NHS as it is?
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  3. by   Bozo180
    I read your question with interest......I just hope my reply isn't too late for your project.
    I did a 4 month exchange from Australia to the UK and worked for a while in Surrey (Frimley Park Hospital). Having worked in a few countries now I was suprised at just how dated some of the practices and medications used were by international standard.
    I most certainly enjoyed the experience but would not like to live and work there full-time (to me, summer means sun, not rain!!).
    My opinions are probably negative due to the particular establishment I worked in...........not called Grimly Death for no reason......................