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  1. As I was witnessing yet another injection in the CT department my devil's advocate started rambling in my head about radiation exposure. I asked the CT tech who did not have much (if any) info as to how much scatter radiation I am receiving by being near the scan. Anyone know? I wear the apron, but really how protective is that? The arms, legs, back, neck and head are open. I am having images of the shower scene in Silkwood, any reassuring thoughts?
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  3. by   LesJenRN
    Talk with the head of the radiology dept. We usuallly dont stay in the room unless we have to....just as long as we can view our patient and monitor from the windows. If we have to stay in to bag the pt or calm them, besides the apron we usually wear one that goes around our necks. Usually, the hospital will have the radiology techs wear little radiation monitors to see what levels they are expossed to over a period of time.....