floor med test question.....

  1. typing w/ toddler in arms....hence, no caps.

    i am doing a refresher course(after 8 years out) and need to take a med test b4 my clinical rotation on the surg floor. do i need to know route/rate/range/adverse effects/contraindications etc....?

    tia, kate

    ps: i will always look up a drug i am unsure of...always
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  3. by   jjbaby
    We had to know:

    Brand name
    Generic Name
    Use (what is the drug prescribed for)
    Action (what does the drug do; at the cellular level)
    Side Effects
    Contraindications/drug interactions
    Nursing Considerations (check B/P prior to giving, etc.)
    Administration Facts (give with food or without, dilution amounts, etc.)

    I carry my drug book with me like a Bible!!!!!!!!
    Everything you need to know is in the book!

    Good Luck
    JJ RN