1. We are in the process of redoing our sstaffing policies and it seems that floating is the biggest issue. Just interested if floating occurs, what units float to each other , or is it general? Is there any pay incentive to float? If so how much? Do you have some units that are closed any others that allow floating in and out? How do you ahandle if your staff vounteers to come in and then someone else is floated off the unit to the other unit? I am looking for any ideas, thanks

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  3. by   Erbn Girl
    The unit I work for is an Intermediate Care/Telemetry Unit. Our nurses can be floated to the Intensive Care Unit and the General Med-Surg Unit. We go by the date you last floated to ascertain who goes next. The choice is made by looking at who is presently scheduled for your shift and the one whose date is up, goes. If we have an agency nurse assigned to our unit by contract, and she doesn't work either of the other units we float to, again, one of our nurses must float. Charge nurses also float and a temporary charge nurse will be utilized unless the staffing indicates otherwise.
    If you have nurses who are willing to assist you in the unit you are floated to, then the experience is not mortifying. Our ICU unit is very receptive and assistive which makes our floating experience less tense. I have learned many things because they are willing to teach and the atmosphere is conducive to learning. Our Med-Surg unit is less friendly, so-to-speak, but will nonetheless assist you whenever you need help
    We also have a sister campus but...we have a separate floating list for them from our hospital because nurses were volunteering to float at our campus, so that there turn to float to the other campus would be bypassed to the next floating person. Now, they use the separate float list meaning you could float two days in a row ( I just did it three weeks ago!) I just look at it as more experience for ME!
    Good Luck!