feeling faint before menstruation

  1. Hello,

    I am a nursing student with a question. About a week before i start to menstruate if i see somthing like an iv being discontinued i feel very faint and sick to my stomach. I do not feel this way the rest of the time is there anything i can do for this?

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  3. by   Morning-glory
    Talk to your doctor. Something is not right and you should have it looked at. Try making sure you eat enough and get enough sleep at that time of the month.

    Hormones are funny that way. Talk to any pregnant woman and she will tell you about how there are smells that never bothered her before but now make her want to puke. My cousin knew she was pregnant as soon as she started to gag at the smell of coffee. I know your not pregnant, but the hormones may be out of whack.