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This is for all the students who have been accepted into the FCCJ nursing program for the spring of 2007. I just wanted to try and get to know some of the students before the semester started, and... Read More

  1. by   citydreamer2000
    Thank you so much for everything you've done to make the program happen. I was trying to find the post with the emails going back and forth between Gov. Bush and his staff. I'm new to this, so I'm not sure if I'm missing it or what, but can you tell me where to find it? Thanks!
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    hope everyone had a great christmas and a lovely new years!
  3. by   MikeinFl
    I spoke with Rick Garcia at the Florida Board of Nursing today and gathered additional information. Mr. Garcia was extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. He explained that FCCJ submitted paperwork for the addition of students and a change in delivery method from in class lecture to online learning for the pharmacology class. The rules for these types of requests do not require FCCJ or a representative from the school be in attendance when these requests are discussed. FCCJ chose not to have anyone in attendance during this meeting. Since the Board of Nursing had questions concerning these changes, the issue was tabled until someone from FCCJ could address their concerns. Unfortunately for the 24 students in this group, the next opportunity for FCCJ to address the Boards concerns is in February. There is a variance that could be submitted by FCCJ, but Mr. Garcia stated that the Board had just approved a variance for FCCJ for the fall semester and was therefore very unlikely to approve another one so soon. Mr. Garcia said he has spoken with Alice Nied and they have discussed how we would catch up to the other groups. He said FCCJ has been very creative in devising a schedule that will allow us to complete everything we will need to do in this shortened time frame. The biggest concern for us at this point is that the Board will deny the request. The Board consists of 13 members that must approve the request. Mr. Garcia said our only option at this time is to wait and see what happens in the February meeting.
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  4. by   autopsy
    Hey all. There has been a myspace group formed for the spring 2007 nursing students. I am from section 5, but you can be from any section, There is about 15 of us at this point, hopefully it will help us to relay important information, organize and arrange study groups. If you go under groups and search fccj nursing you should see it. See you all on Monday.
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    I wanted to post the tentative schedule starting February 12th. Thanks to Angie for the info!

    SPRING, 2007

    Begin week of Monday, February 12, 2007

    Tues 6pm-10pm NUR 1022C Techniques C329 North Campus (lab)
    Sat 7am-3:30pm NUR 1022C Techniques C329 North Campus (lab)

    Thur 6pm-10pm NUR 1110 Concepts F2609 Deerwood

    Online NUR 1140 Pharmacology

    Sun 1pm-5pm Health

    Mondays testings

    * Techniques will be held on two days in order for you to have plenty of lab time to work on your skills. If you feel you need additional lab time, let your instructor know and the Director will arrange for additional supervised time in the lab. Once you begin your clinical time in the hospital, you will be doing 12 hour clinical days (7a-7p) to maximize your learning opportunities. This will occur approximately 4 weeks after you begin.

    * Faculty are going to utilize Blackboard more than normal to provide you with additional aids for your learning.

    * Tests will be fewer in number but will cover information that the faculty feels is necessary for your safe nursing practice.

    * Pharmacology, which has traditionally been the most challenging course, is going to be very different. Instead of a number of tests throughout the course, there will only be a midterm and final exam. Throughout the course there will be online tests that will be mastery in nature. This means that you will take the same exam until you achieve the grade you want. Mastery tests will be the norm for all first term students, not just eve/weekend.

    * If you feel you need additional assistance, speak with one of your instructors and the Director will assist in any way possible. Remember, we have a full time tutor, Ms. Emily who can be available in the evenings by request. Her number is 766-6525.
  6. by   KromeWon
    do alot of people make it in the nursing program with C's in AP?
  7. by   RJDJ14
    It's all a matter of points. They look at the pre reqs and the nursing aptitude test score to figure out who gets in. One C isn't going to keep you out.