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    I just wrote the NCLEX for the first time and I think I failed it, and I am very nervous. I am a Canadian RN. My computer shut off at 151 questions, but after I passed question 75 I panicked and lost my focus for about 15 questions until I had my break. I felt like I guessed at 90% of the questions and afterwards when I looked up some of the questions I could not find solid evidence to either support or disclaim my answers. I am looking for anyone else that had their computer shut off around the same number of questions and/or any other Canadian that has written the exam and what they thought of it in relation to the CNAT's and/or any RN's from Minnesota that can give me an idea of how long it will take to receive my results. All input is appreciated.Thanks.

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  3. by   LRichardson
    Ohhhhhh CdnRn big hugs to you sister.. we ALL felt that way.. and the truth is NO ONE knows for sure whether they failed or passed until they get the results.. my test shut off at 75 questions and I just knew I'd failed.. and failed in the minimum number of questions.. i could think of at least 20 questions i knew i got wrong.. my stomach was in knots.. i couldn't eat.. i didn't want to see anyone cuz they'd ask me how I did and what would I say???? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    here's the bottom line.. what's the worst that can happen?? you fail? right? so what.. you lost your concentration.. you'll take it again in three months and be more prepared when it gets to the 76th question.. that's it.. we're talking about a little more money and three months out of you lifetime.. it's ok.. in 5 years you will not even remember why you thought this was so significant!

    now.. what if you pass??? wooo woooooo you will have wasted some pretty precious emotional time worrying..

    so lean back.. accept that you did the best you could under the circumstances.. and that this is just a test.. not a determinator of your worthiness.. it's just a dumb test..

    Hang in there!!!
  4. by   CdnRN
    Well I passed...thanks to all my peers who offered support!!!!!