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  1. Just a couple brief announcements of some new exciting features at < http://wwnurse.com/ >-

    Table of Contents
    1. Bulletin Board upgrade with many new features!
    2. New NURSING JOBS Classified website - Advertise Jobs for Free until March!
    3. Unsubscribe option

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    1. Bulletin Board upgrade with many new features!

    Here is a brief rundown of the added features:

    * On all the discussion pages there is a feature that allows you to email that discussion page to a friend. This is a great way to get more people involved with the discussion.

    * There is now a "Daily Active Topic List" added to opening page- displays topics in all forums that have been posted to that day. A great way to stay current on all the current discussions. You can see this on the opening page here: http://wwnurse.com/bb/cgi/Ultimate.cgi

    * New navigation links to next and previous topic threads from topic pages themselves.

    * Removed the employment sections which were replaced by our new NURSING JOBS website <http://www.wwnurse.com/nursingjobs/index.html>.

    * We moved the General Nursing Forum to the top of the main page for better visibility.

    * We added a few more items to our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions page. <http://wwnurse.com/bb/faq.html> Please read the FAQ before submitting questions to us. If your answer cannot be found there, feel free to e-mail us.

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    2. New NURSING JOBS Classified website - Advertise Jobs for Free until March!

    If your in the market for a job, then you will want to visit our band new NURSING JOBS website.
    Visit: http://www.wwnurse.com/nursingjobs/

    Since this site is only a few days old, there are not many jobs posted yet. But we are offering free Job posting till March, so it wont take long to get several jobs listed.

    Cool feature for nurses...
    FREE Keyword Advisor System <http://www.wwnurse.com/nursingjobs/viewads.html#bottom>.
    By subscribing to this service, You will receive an instant copy by e-mail, of new ADs submitted on our system that contain the "keywords" you choose.

    Whenever a new AD is posted, it will be searched for your keywords. If a match is found, a copy of the AD will be sent directly to you by e-mail. You may modify your keyword list, or unsubscribe at any time.

    We have plans on setting up a similar system for Nurses to post their resumes online for FREE. This might be a month or two down the road.

    Job Advertisers
    Advertise Nursing Jobs for FREE until March! After March 1st, there will be a minimal charge to post NURSING JOBS.

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    3. Unsubscribe option

    If you would rather not get these announcements, you can change the setting in your PROFILE by visiting:
    http://wwnurse.com/bb/cgi/ubbmisc.cgi?action=editbio&Browser=&DaysPrune=60&L astLogin=

    or you can access your PROFILE by clicking on the PROFILE link on every page of the Bulletin Board.

    That's it for now. Have a great day!

    Brian Short RN e-mail: bshort@wwnurse.com
    WORLDWIDE NURSE: The Internet's Nursing Resource
    voice: (612) 816-8773
    5540 South Park Drive Savage, MN 55378
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