Errors and do they cause you distress?

  1. As you know there is increasing attention to monitoring
    health care errors and the systems that can contribute to
    those errors. A survey is being done to determine if the nursing shortage is contributing to errors and whether errors
    are causing you moral distress.

    Kent State University is conducting a survey. Please participate in the survey at:
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  3. by   ICUBecky
    Wooo Hooo... KSU College of Nursing rocks!! I loved college...wish i was back there now!!

    seriously, what a great research project. very appropriate questions. what's sad is that i answered "yes" to practically all of them...and i can remember the incidences happening on the days/nights we weren't staffed well!!
  4. by   Youda
    Yes, I liked the survey, too. And, like you, I had to answer almost every question with yes, and high distress.
  5. by   KRVRN
    I responded to it. Maybe I should have self-policed myself and not added my responses though. Many of the questions were not pertinent to the NICU environment. Obviously we've never had a pt fall or a pressure ulcer. And I've chemically and physically restrained infants dozens of times.
  6. by   cactus wren
    Sad comentary on nursing today....A few weeks agi i discharged a patient to a rehab, and got her back within 10 days, septic, MRSA in new knee......amd I know that the rehab is very,very short handed..... Good survey...and yes, I answered with mainly yeses
  7. by   sjoe
    Mostly yeses, of course, but why would these people think this causes moral distress? If we're not used to all this and much more by now, we never will be. IMHO.