Entrance exam for lpn

  1. I see a lot of people have been going into nursing in there 50's. I'm 53 and would love to go for it, but I'm so fearful of flunking entrance exam. I'm a hands on person and learn easier that way. I have worked as a medical assistant for oncology office for 15 years. If given *****, accessed lifeports, pic lines and worked in triage. So my question is, what exactly do I have to study to pass especially the math section
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  3. by   imhorsemackerel
    If the school you're looking at requires you to take the TEAS test, I found the workbook they offer very helpful. If it's just math that you're struggling with, review algebra. The science portion is a mixed bag, but the majority of the questions ask anatomy & physiology with one or two basic questions about chemistry or physics. Also, be sure to skim the reading portion and how to tackle them. Since this is a timed test, you don't want to be in the middle of the section with 5 seconds left. If you're a visual and auditory learner, check the website Khan Academy. They should have free videos on A&P as well as algebra. There should also be plenty of youtube videos. It may take some digging. Good luck!