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  1. Hello out there, I am a Gerontological Nurse with a wide background in Mental Health, Education, Long Term Care, Nurse Managed Units, seeking to relocate to the Tampa area. I am Board Certified in Gerontologcial Nursing and will finish my BSN. I have worked in various settings most recently with the VA. Comfortable with educational settings, (pt with a local collage teaching Aging Program offerings); Confortable with assessment of mental status/physical status of the older adult. Would like any assistance with employment in the Tampa region. Thanks Dave Colarusso RN BSED (BSN pending) MA GER RN-C
    E-mail, ldc71@borg.com
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    Dave, I can probably help you. There is a huge demand for good nurses in Florida. Please e-mail me at susans@awod.com.