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  1. hello everyone
    my name is kelly.. i work in ny state.. in a hospital as an lpn since 98 just wondering if anyone can give me any info on elder care..? :roll

    im new here havent really figured everything out yet but i love what i see so far.....
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    What do you mean? My father just had cva and will not be able to live by himself anymore, so he will be going to asst living facility. As the population ages, we must all face the need for elder care. Give us the specifics of what info you need.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sites of interest:

    Administration on Aging (AoA)
    Find out more about the AoA, locate directories on State Agencies on Aging, read the Older Americans Act (1965) and its Reauthorization (1997), and find updates on current aging issues.

    AoA's National Websites on Aging
    The Administration on Aging maintains a comprehensive list of aging-related websites on a very wide variety of topics important to older adults, caregivers, and those in the aging network. Check this site frequently for new links and topics.

    Also, the National Aging Information Center, a subdepartment of the Administration on Aging, produces Internet Information Notes, which link to a wide variety of topics found in aging-related articles online.

    CARIE - Center for Advocacy for the
    Rights and Interests of the Elderly
    CARIE specializes in providing information and assistance free of charge to older Philadelphians and their caregivers.

    National Council on the Aging, Inc. (NCOA)
    NCOA is an association of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting the dignity, self-determination, well-being and continuing contributions of older persons through leadership and service, education and advocacy.

    Eldercare Locator - (800) 677-1116 - to find local services for older Americans

    NY state office of aging website:
  5. by   oh nurse
    i wish i could give more info on the subject of elder care but i was actually throwing the subject in the air for my nurse manager..she didnt really explain what type of info she wanted on elder care....just hoped that someone had some tidbits of info or opinions on the subject...i will speak with her and find out exactly what she wants to know..
    but thanks for responding kelly
  6. by   Pat krupski
    Hi Kelly, I am a geriatric nurse and proud of it. My master is going to be in geriatric teaching. An excellant article on working with geriatric clients is
    Weinrich, J. & Boyd, P. (1992). Education in the Elderly-Adapting and Evaluating Teaching Tools. Rehabilitation Nursing, 18(5), 124-150.
    It talks about normal changes in the elderly population and what you can do to work with these changes. I find working with this group of clients fun, enjoyable and educational. They frequently teach me a thing or two
  7. by   oh nurse
    hi pat
    i wouldnt exactly call myself a geriatric nurse but on the med surg floor that i work most of the patients are elderly.. i have come to realize that they are the most fun and sometimes the most difficult to take care of..lol just to find time to sit and listen is often a priority you can learn so much from them.....thanks for your info...