Duplicate UK State Enrolled Nurse's badge

  1. I would appreciate any help in acquiring a duplicate State Enrolled Nurse's badge for my wife. We have her certificate from the General Nursing Council of England and Wales with the date of certification and the Enrol number. She is practicing under a US license here in the US and always wore her British badge as she was quite proud of it. Our house was recently broken into and the badge was stolen with other jewelry. Thanks very much for any help anyone can offer.
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Hi Garrett, I assume you are talking about what we would call the nursing pin, which is specific to the school you graduated from. My pin from my program was damaged, so I enquired at the hospital at which I trained (an old diploma program) and the pin was unavailable essentially. To break out the mold and make a single pin would have been too costly. But if her program is still operating, checking with them for a duplicate pin might be a great place to start. Some people are very sentimental about their pin and I knew a nurse who was buried in cap, white dress uniform and pin, but perhaps someone would be willing to sell you a used pin from that school. It would be quite a journey to locate one to sell but perhaps could be done by advertising in the area of the school or on something like ebay. Good luck. I do not wear my pins any more because my role has changed, but I am pretty sentimental about them and would feel deeply wounded by their loss.
  4. by   Angela
    Garret, I'm not sure if you'll get another pin, but you can e-mail <communications@ukcc.org.uk> and quote your wife's PIN number, along with an explanation of the theft, and take it from there. Hope that helps.