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  1. What amount of Skills updating or refresher courses do you think an RN who wants to return to Med -Surg floor practice needs? How many hours of refreshing do you think the employers will require? There is a Skills refresher at the college in my town that is 36hrs. There is also a refresher lecture that is 48 hours and a Clinical Practicum that is 72 hours. I have asked people at the college nursing dept. and was told that any one of these would meet the requirement but I'm not sure a 36 hour refresher would count as enough. Should I ask a potential employer what they think or should I just take the class,show up with the course completion letter and hope for the best?? I love to take all 3 but it is expensive and I need to work. Signed: Tryin' to do my foot work
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  3. by   deanaRN
    How long have you been out? Were you not nursing at all or just not med-surg?
  4. by   fgoff
    Youmay also want to discuss htis with the BON where you have you license......