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Hello,you all. I am new here and I am glad to be here. Here's my rant: I am so sick of doctors on a mission. These doctors come in and never have a kind word for any of the nurses. And if... Read More

  1. by   kadokin
    Quote from LeahJet
    I have a ~gift~, if you will, of doing this very thing. I can cut a doctor down a couple of notches...all with a smile on my face. Maybe the southern thing helps.
    For instance, a urologist was doing a consult in the ER and he was pitching himself a little fit because a certain thing was not where it was supposed to be. I just treated him like the 5 year old he was acting like. "Well, bless your heart, you're just all upset over this, aren't you? Hold on a minute and I'll help you... it's going to be ok" He just stood there redfaced and confounded and my co-workers were running for cover to let their snickers loose.
    Whenever you respond to their infantile tirades, be sure you say and act in a way that would make them sound totally ridiculous if they complained about you. "She said bless my heart and said I was upset!!" At the very most, he could say I was being condescending....~sigh~ isn't that a nice reversal of fortune?
    I like your approach, LeahJet.