Does LTC experience effect your chances of getting into a hospital? - page 2

I have been turned down for a lot of hospital positions, that I really wanted, and I think it might be because of my LTC experience. I have worked in LTC for about two years as an LPN and recently... Read More

  1. by   NYRN08
    I'm in New York State sooo....our facilities are LTC mixed with Rehab. I haven't heard of an acute/LTC facility. Sounds interesting though.
  2. by   kelvz
    I think it all depends on how you present your experience as a LTC nurse. Most LTC homes have for example provide cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, post-surgical or post illness rehabilitation, and so much more. So put them down as your experience if I were you. Its how you present yourself that counts. Good luck to all those who are applying for jobs! :spin: