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When I started my first nursing job-which was as a nursing assistant(before being certified was required), gloves were an unecessary expense.We used our bare hands to give bed baths, clean up vomit ,... Read More

  1. by   canadian jenn
    Hello out there. In the hospital that I work in, we still use crank beds, glass thermometers for pts in isolation, and just a month ago recieved inservice on Pleuravac chest tube system. I did my training in another part of the country, and I remember my instructor saying "You'll never see the glass bottle chest tube bottles" guess she was wrong !

    Any other Canadian nurses out there?
  2. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by feistynurse:
    <STRONG>Remember when we use to give Brompton's Cocktails for cancer pain. It contained cocaine, methodone or morphine, and an antinausea med. It came in a big bottle and sat on the med cart. We didn't even lock it up! I swear someone was taking nips off that stuff, because we sure went through it awfully fast! I also remember those stupid specific gravity do-hickeys and metal bedpans! Oh this is fun!!</STRONG>
    BROMPTON's Cocktail..dang you're good! How could I have forgotten that one.. ! Gee you guys have great memories! And yeah the do-hickeys were we did it..

  3. by   lpnandloveit1
    I thought of a couple more. stainless steal trachs.Had a pt code on a metal bedpan once, I kept yelling she's on the pan and everyone looked at me like she was crazy. She had a beaut of a defib burn on her backside!now I have one does anyone remember the drips into the fat you had to give an injection to the site first. used for rehydration can't rememeber the name of it and everyone thinks I'm crazy.
  4. by   P_RN

    I remember my sister had to have that in 1951-52. Tiny child with these huge water filled buttocks!
  5. by   Mijourney
    Hi. Anyone remember the days before Lifepak 1? Post cardiac cath patients on 24 hours of bedrest?
  6. by   prmenrs
    The stuff you used before the hypodermoclysis is Wydase--we still use it for IV burns in babies, when we can get it.
  7. by   lpnandloveit1
    thanks both of you! I knew I wasn't nuts.
  8. by   Jay-Jay
    Some doctors still do hypodermoclysis for terminally ill homecare patients, or if someone is dehydrated and has poor veins. I haven't used Wydase yet, but did suggest it for this one patient... And I did my clinical in a very old hospital which still had an automatic bedpan washer, and metal bedpans.

    I know there's no one on the board who's been nursing this long, but maybe you had a mother or aunt who nursed during WWII?? I write fiction as a hobby, and am doing a war story, and I've got a few ??'s about meds. When did acetaminophen (Tylenol)come into common use? What did they have for motion/airsickness back then? (This was pre-Gravol, I'm sure!) How was morphine glass ampoules, or as tablets that had to be dissolved, as someone mentioned above? Any info will be greatly appreciated!
  9. by   LoisJean
    Here comes another brain fart--I recall mixing mustard (Kraft-only the best will do!) with MOM, applying to decub and then heat lamp. Also, an orthopedic doc who decided decubs on his patients would heal by using human placenta--it would come to our unit frozen and we'd cut off pieces of it, let it thaw then place it in the wound--this must have been in the late '60s...jeez,loueez!
  10. by   ornurse2001
    I have to say, this is a fun learning experience as well as a fun walk down memory lane! I have never heard of this placenta rub-thing! I do remember M & M and a heat lamp though.I was a N.A.-had to wash that stuff off.I remember more and more stuff everytime I come back to this post.I worked in a nursing home back in the early 80's as a N.A. where the nurses would put the meds on the patients meal trays at breakfast before the trays left the rack and it was the assistants responsibility(or so we were told) to make sure that the residents took their meds with breakfast,Can you believe this was done?!There was also a 5 bed ward in this home that had all NG and G-tube feeders in it and in order to get the feedings done in a timely manner they had a mixture of available nurse's aides, and nurses to each take one and we had to sit there and administer these intermittent tube feedings with a 60cc syringe.I remember the nurses telling me how high to hold the syringe up to make the ensure(or whatever)flow in at the right speed.I can't believe the stuff that went on! This doesn't still happen , does it?!
  11. by   RN1963
    Oh, I love about placing sandbags on both sides of the head of cataract patients, and feeding them. Also,MI patients were not allowed to raise their elbows off the mattress. We had to feed them, and give total bed baths for weeks. The urinary catheters were red rubber, adhesive taped to rubber tubing leading to a 2 liter glass bottle on the floor which inevitably, we kicked over spilling urine all over the floor, under the bed and had to mop up while keeping a starched apron off the floor!
    The "sippy diets " were for gastric ulcer patients: 30 ccs of cream every 30 minutes to dilute the hydrochloric acid.
    I loved the Chinese urine glucose story!!!
  12. by   imaRN
    I love to hear the stories!,,I got into the field as a student(Jr.High)volunteer, wore blue and white pinstripe uniforms,passed out snacks at a local county nursing home (dark and scarey)later I was a nurse aide at another county home,on 3rd, shift I was clueless to what was OK and what was Illegal!They had me passing out pre-poured meds. to patients! We also layed down and slept at night,(I followed the older aides and knew I had better do what they did.They also would tell me to give a "few drops of Mellaril" to a lady when needed.I also took care of a colostomy of a man and I did not know WHAT IT WAS,The same home also called me in to be a COOK when they needed.AND I was a social director a couple of times and actually drove a vanload of people to a Tammy Wynette(sp) Concert!(I will never forget THAT)No special driving license or insurance oh,my that place was crooked, now that I look back!I also remember when I first worked at the hospital, all nurses would jump up to give a doctor a seat! We have "Come a LONG way Baby!" ..imaRn
  13. by   janicurn
    Come on you guys- nurses are aging everywhere! I remember most of this sstuff and I am only the mean age (46). Remember giving enemas with metal buckets and then you had to clean out the red rubber tubing with Que-tips? How about post-op orders that would say give 4 liters of NS, so you ran them in wide open and then just D/C'd the IV. I hired in at $4.80/hr and thought that was alot of money! I'm involved in collective bargaining now so don't think we older nurses don't think the pay, conditions,respect and of course retiree benefits need to improve!! I hate to remember when we were expected to standup and give a Doc our seat. I used to have big bruises on my legs from tripping over huge O2 tanks and Gomco suction machines at the bedsides. I can still feel the tug of my hair when my cap used to get hung up on cutains! Remember when everyone worked together and it was fun to go to work? But I have to say I still love nursing- and thats what keeps me doing it! Hang in there sistahs!!