Doe anyone here know how I could contact the Saipan BON?

  1. Hi, I am a foreign nurse and I just want to know if anyone could help me contact the Saipan Board of nursing. I took my Nclex 3weeks ago in hongkong under the saipan BON, and i want to get my results via phone, they told me that results will be available via phone after 48 hours, but their number that i have with me (same as the one posted in the ncsbn website) has been temporarily disconnected. another option is for me to wait for it in the mail after 30 days(that's a looong wait) i wish I could get my results sooner, my anxiety level is really getting higher as the days go by... Could anyone help me? Does anyone here know anothe phone number of the saipan BON that I could probabaly contact? please, I would really appreciate it... Thank you so much, in advance..
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