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Hi all, do you know a hospital that is practicing what is being preached. Decent ratios so that patients and staff are happy and well cared for? For example, anyone here have 1 RN to 4 pt ratios??... Read More

  1. by   majrn
    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    I've read this term on the BB before but have no idea what it means...'splain please?

    Pods are like team nursing, 1 RN and 1 LPN work together to care for a group of pts, 7-10 usually, RN does assessments and paperwork and doctor calls, LPN passes meds and does treatments. At least this is how it is where I work. Hope this helps
  2. by   susanmary
    Sending good thoughts, prayers and hugs across to you. We're here to support you. So very sad.
  3. by   Edward,IL
    Think to the future! Until noe, society has not had a clear idea re nursing.
    We now have what I call "The California Standard". People know what is going on and similar legislation is being proposed in at leat 28 states. Hospitals that are willing to provide a positive work environment for nurses will, as was said, have nurses lining up to work there. Those that don't will be paying alot of money out in legal fees, damage awards for not meeting this standard which is quickly becoming common knowledge.
    Just my opinion. Edward, IL
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    My hospital only has 14 acute beds so . .. .we usually staff with two RN's or one RN and an LVN AND two CNA's if we are full. That means 7 patients at the most (hardly ever happens) and our CNA's work as a team to get stuff done. We are so lucky. Our CNA's rock!
  5. by   Flynurse
    The ratios in the hospital where I work are messed up. One floor may have a 1:6 and another may have 1:12 ON THE SAME DAY! Don't know why...I don't question much since I'm a newbie.
  6. by   yodakelly
    when i worked on surgery stepdown/ telemetry, it was 1:4-5, sometimes 6 on a bad day/night, at times with no CNA; that was a hellish job some days. Now i work icu, so i'm used to 1:2 ratios. i work some extra agency shifts now and then, and recently got sent to the PCU, "progressive care unit," supposedly a stepdown from ICU-- had 6 telemetry patients all to myself. i earned every dollar of my agency pay that night.

    nursing: patient ratios make ALL the difference. You can still have a bad day with four patients, but never as bad as with 6, 7 or 8!
  7. by   nimbex
    our med surg is 1:7 now, step down takes 5-6, ICU is 2-3.

    We started doing this crazy thing like saying...."NO", won't clock in........ then we're shutting down beds.

    Hey 10 bed CCU, 4 RN's one of them a step down nurse with an IABP with a TVP maxed on drips only 5hrs. out of cath lab.... needed 6 nurses.... had 4.

    That's why I'm drinkin' a LARGE glass of wine.