do not resuscitate notification

  1. i am interested in knowing how other institutions currently convey "dnr" to other health care professionals when a patients chart is not readily available.
    we are currently looking at various ways to do this without compromising patient confidentiality.
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  3. by   bluesboyj
    My facility uses cards with the patients name stamped on it along with places for such things as allergies, isolation, etc. There is also a box to check if there is a "no leo" status. Dr. Leo is our facility's mode of calling a code.

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  4. by   Heather27
    If you are looking to notify other HCPs about a pt. status, and they are directly involved in pt. care, then confidentiality is obviously not an issue. Our facility has an automatic DNR if the code was not witnessed, and we call for the crash cart and initiate CPR if the code was witnessed and the directive is unknown. It has worked so far in the LONG history of my facility!!!
  5. by   Junemarie
    My hospital uses a blue bracelet on the patient. This has been a very good thing when putting it on a patient that didn't know he was a "DNR" per family request...
    It invoked quite a family discussion. (!)
    BUT, it works well when the patient is in xray or CT or elsewhere and codes.

  6. by   BethanyJ
    The hospital I used to work in used a white band to id thse patients with a DNR status. Now where I work everyone has the same colored arm band, but those who are DNR's have a blue dot next to their name.