Do hospitals hire LVN/LPN's anymore?

  1. I noticied that there are very few job postings for LVN/LPN's in Houston's Medical Center. What is the deal?

    Do LVN/LPN's do the same work as RN's?
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from ebrooks
    Do LVN/LPN's do the same work as RN's?
    NO, not generally. And it depends on the state as to how broad the scope of practice exists for an LVN and an RN. You need to check w/your BON to find this out. The work is "not" the "same" ---nor is the level of responsiblity.

    And to answer your original question as to whether hospitals hire LVN's: yes they do.....some of them. Mine does. Just not certain areas, like OB.