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Hi everyone, 2BaNurse's post about her financial predicament and many responses to her made me want to put a question out there. Do you think it is fair for an employer to disqualify a job... Read More

  1. by   colleen10

    This has turned into quite the post. I am glad so many of you have shared your thoughts and feelings.

    Flower child mentioned something interesting that most Americans have a C- to D rating. A few years ago I had to have a credit check so that I could get an apartment. Now, I have a large student loan which I had faithfully paid on time every month. I had one credit card which I paid faithfully on time every month and I had a decent paying job. I have an older car which I own and always make my insurance payments on time. Much to my surprise when the check came back I was rated a C just because I had debt.

    My husband and I now have a home, but we live frugally. We don't go out much, both own 10 year old cars, keep the thermostat turned to 64 degrees in the winter so that we don't have outrageous heating bills, etc. We were actually driving around town last week and I saw a homeless person and I actually said "There by the grace of god go I." I guess because I was once unemployed and could not find any type of job at all I know how that anything in this world can happen. You can have an accident, become ill and even loose your job for a while.

    I am not denying that some people get themselves into trouble. I have a BIL who has made a habit of CC debt, check fraud, bankruptcy. He is a thief and a liar and I would no sooner hire him than someone that is in prison. But I also know of people who have no choice in the matter. That due to circumstances beyond anyone's control they now have debt.

    I guess what bothers me is do most employers that look at your credit report take any of these things into consideration? I doubt it.
  2. by   australianrn