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  1. I am looking for disaster training courses this summer in USA. If anyone has any information, it would be appreciated


    Sonya Ghaddar,RN
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  3. by   Becca
    In my area disaster training courses are given by the Red Cross. You might check with them and see what they offer. Training related to counseling for disaster victims is provided by our local psych catchment area offices. These may be good places to start inquiries.
  4. by   Ahn
    As part of the Red Cross Disaster Health Service [DHS], I know that this is an excellent place to start. Also, if you work for a hospital, they [usually] have a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team [CISDT] that work with healthcare professionals and community service professionals [firemen, policemen, EMS, nurses] during disasters and mass casualties. Take an EMT class, or firefighting class, as well as volunteer for either one and they usually provide the classes for volunteers who participate in the community. Any place that services large volumes of people offer some type of training like this. I worked for an amusement park [Paramount's Kings Island, Cinti, OH] in First Aid/Fire Dept, and we recieved training yearly. Hope this helps!
  5. by   Sharon

    I hope you have a good time on your visit to the States. I am the moderator of the Disaster discussion board. The American Red Cross does have good classes. The focus is on providing services (administrative) to the U.S. population, so may not be applicable to what you need.

    Any of American Red Cross courses would be informative if you would like to compare services between were you practice and the U.S.

    I will list some locations for you to check out on the disaster discussion board.

    If you have a more specific are of interest, i.e. type of disaster, sub-population served, specific stage of a disaster, mitigation, etc. I will try to locate some more specific courses. In the U.S. specific courses and work shops are sprinkled throughout all professions.
  6. by   nurseyperson
    I attended a very good Continuing Education Class on Disaster\Emergency Care a few years ago, but I cannot remember the speakers name or the name of the class...but the class was given at Seward County Community College in Liberal, Kansas. Probably if you would call them and talk to someone in the Nursing Education Class, they could give you the speakers name. I believe she was from Eastern Kansas or Missouri. Don't know if you are planning part of your USA trip to the Heartland (Central USA) but even tho we are mostly all towns and small cities, we are unique, and are great people!
    Seward County Community College
    Allied Health Division 316-626-3026

    Good luck! Nurseyperson