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  1. by   Franca
    Thanks for the reminder that there are two routes and neither one is perfect; deep down I think I was wishing that one was perfect, .

    To Renee and all...
    So, accepting that I'll have to weigh pros and cons of both routes and choose the best one for me, I hope nurses will state opinions/preferences and facts about similarities of and differences in the ADN and the BSN programs; because, not having been to school, I can't know what you and the others know. I would like to consider your responses.

    For example, I read in another thread that many/most hospitals don't pay the BSN more per hour; therefore, money isn't a plus factor for getting the BSN, i.e., the significantly larger expense of schooling is not earned back, over time, by a pay difference. I wouldn't have known that had someone not expressed it. It's not a reason alone not to choose the BSN route, but it does go in the "negatives" column.

    So please share what you know and/or feel.

  2. by   Franca
    I found a Web site that discusses the options of various nursing degrees/routes, and it turns out there are possibly more than two.