Desperately seeking TINA, Norwegian nurse! HELP NEEDED!

  1. Hello to everybody !
    I am IVAR, a 28 years old Italian university student (LAW) and part-time worker. Sorry if I hopped in this nurses' BB, but I may use your help!
    I am looking for -well, I'd better say I'm DESPERATELY SEEKING!!!- a girl whose job is NURSE: her name is TINA, she's about 23 years old, she's from NORWAY and I've met her in the isle of IOS (in GREECE) in a pub named BLUE NOTE on the 1st of August 1998.
    Tina was in Greece on holiday with her friend MARIA (a nurse too). Both two had a room in HOMIROS HOTEL while in IOS.
    Tina's father should be CAPTAIN in the Norwegian Army.
    Unfortunately this is ALL I KNOW, and I cannot remember her hometown there in Norway, nor her surname!
    I know that with the present I'm posting quite a strange kind of a question, and I feel quite embarassed, but I DO NEED HELP SO BADLY and DESPERATELY that I'd do anything before giving up all hopes!
    I've been with her just for two nights, but what really matters to me is that while I was side by side with her I've been feeling something so strong and so powerful I cannot explain!!!.....
    Yes, I know that maybe I have not enough informations to find her, but maybe, since Tina is a NURSE (and this is my one and only start point, my one and only hope to find her.....and that's why I'm asking your kind help), you could suggest me a way to search for her....I don't know, maybe there's a databank of all Norwegian nurses I could access on the Internet, or you could suggest me a "notice board" (on the Internet or not) on, or a "people finder" on which I could post a message in order to find Tina.....I do not know at all, I need any suggestion! Yes, I know it may sound a bit desperate and crazy, and kind of impossible too, but my will is positive and strong: if you do not try you'll never know, don't you think so?!....Maybe, with a bit of luck...and a little and kind help from above (and from you, at the present!)... ;o)
    PLEASE, could anybody from NORWAY help me making this dream real?!?! I am really dying to reach out and get in touch with TINA in anyway! If you know her please send me her address:
    ....give an address to my dreams!!!
    Anyway I do apologize so much and I do beg your pardon for me bothering and annoying this well done BB with this "personal matters"!!!
    Thanks in advance for any attention and for any suggestion you could give me in order to accomplish my goal.
    Email me at


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