Departmenatal Changes

  1. My department (endoscopy) has gone through many changes; new nurse manager,endoscopy chief, and staff members from 2 satellite
    facilities. These changes have caused a decrease in moral and unhappiness. I am reading a book called A Different Drum which
    focuses on how to resolve these issues. I want to start a discussion on how staff can
    work together regardless of their differences. The change has created a lot of stress. LMJenkins
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  3. by   debra w
    changes are certainly traumatic and stressful. what can you do to empower yourself in this situation? meetings to talk about the changes can be helpful. open communication is great. focus on what you can do to develop and improve the relationships.
    this can help the system to develop in a healthy way. the system is always going to be changing so work on increasing the staff's adaptability will be important.
    cognitive reframing and trying to see things in positively is one technique you could try.
    good luck!!
  4. by   dmeadow
    Departmental changes are usually a challenge due to the general feeling that employees have about how the change will effect them personally. Teambuilding exercises and giving the staff an opportunity to share their feelings validates the discomfort and allows the team to come up with solutions to deal with their discomfort. If you are the teamleader, checking the literature is a good place to start if you would like to investigate what your peers are currently doing to facilitate positive change. Hope this helps.