creating closed unit policy for OB department

  1. Our OB department is presenting a proposal
    to administration to become a closed unit.
    We would appreciate any input from anyone with experience of this kind....How did you cover shortages in staffing, etc.
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  3. by   nsgsup
    Our OB unit has always been a closed unit. Staffing shortages are always covered by the staff either working doubles or 12hr shifts.This can sometimes be difficult since it is such a small dept. There are approximately 10 RNs and 6 NAs to cover three shifts. I believe they have 2 on-call RNs that fill in occasionally. Floats are never used in OB.
  4. by   bluesboyj
    The last facility I worked at in Ca. had just had the ob dept. become a closed unit. It works out okay except if there is too many nurses, some have to stay home and not get paid and work short if there is not enough nurses. Some of the ICU/CCU nurses used to float to ob when they needed help and we were overstaffed and vice-versa. But since they became a closed unit and no one floats in or out there were starting to be some problems.