Continuous lateral rotation;percussion/vibration

  1. Continuous lateral rotation;percussion/vibration
    our hospital has just purchased the Hill-rom TotalCare Sport beds for our 5 critical care units.
    we have been using these beds on selected patients (with an md order) for a while, but now that we will have them with all of our patients we looking at establishing a protocol for use of the percussion and vibration modules, since not all beds will have the capability of rotating, percussing and vibrating with the modules being moved from one bed to another.
    does anybody already use these beds?
    do you have a protocol for how long a patient should be vibrated/percussed/rotated?
    which patients should and shouldn't be vibrated/percussed/rotated?
    we really would like some input on this if anybody is already doing this! why reinvent the wheel!!!
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