Computer or Web based training

  1. I am an RN working for a medical device manufacturer. I design and deliver product training programs to nurses and doctors in hospitals and surgical centers across the nation.

    Historically, manufacturers have provided product videos for customers to use for new employee product training.

    I would like to know if you all are still using videos, or if you have any experience with computer of web-based training for these products.

    My thoughts are that the computer and world wide web offer opportunities for interactive learning rather than one dimensional video viewing.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

    Thanks for your feedback.
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  2. Poll: Which training method do you use to provide product training to new employees?

    • Preceptor instruction

      50.00% 1
    • Videotapes

      50.00% 1
    • Computer based programs

      0% 0
    • Web based programs

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    • None of the above

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