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  1. Can anyone share their experiences with computer charting? Our hospital is going to start this soon. We are taking classes now and we are not sure how it will go. Right now it seems like you will need one person to take care of the patient and one person to figure out the charting! I'm sure it will get better, but what about they pros and cons that you have encountered? Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   hdmom
    we have been doing the computer charting for about 1 1/2 years. I am a computer person so it was not hard for me to get used to. Some nurses had a hard time getting in to it.. After you get the do's and dont's down, you will love it... Promise. Keep a good attitude and everything will be ok..
  4. by   Aurelia Fox
    They used computer charting at the hospital where I did most of my clicals in school. It was much easier (and faster) than writting charts, however people get lazy at sometimes it was hard to get the whole patient from the chart. Most people liked it though, I think it is one of those things that is coming for everyone. Good Luck!
  5. by   peck13
    i work at 2 different hospitals. both have diffeent systems, and one is much more difficult to work with. it just depends on the system. i still prefer to computer chart over paper. good luck!
  6. by   peck13
    i work at 2 different hospitals. both have diffeent systems, and one is much more difficult to work with. it just depends on the system. i still prefer to computer chart over paper. good luck!
  7. by   penguin
    I LOVE computer charting. There's different systems out there and some are much easier than others to use. The system I'm the most used to integrates most all facets of the paper chart and will eventually cover everything. The most important part that I LOVE the most is that I can quickly read reports, chart notes, and orders easily without having to take the time to decipher someone's handwriting.
  8. by   CaLLaCoDe
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  9. by   CaLLaCoDe

    [color=olive]glitchy computers, slow programs, computer off time and then the need to ketchup. pass me the mustard!

    [color=olive]not being able to see all of the relevant nursing care during the course of a day or a week at a glance as with old school charting.

    [color=olive]eyes warn out, back out of allignment from improper positioning of screens at computer stations. management on your butt for looking up the wall street journal, not nursing related stuff, on the internet while at work on break lol

    [color=olive]tasks that need to be checked off every 2 hours or at the end of shift rather than calling doctors clicking off these idiot tasks...stupid programers!

    [color=olive]generic physical assessment check off pages that lead you to want to get through the program and not really pay attention to what's really going on with your client...sometimes it is helpful looking at other's physical assessments and going on from there...proves difficult with computer programs.

    [color=olive]computers are maschines and are not perfect, never will they be made perfect without glitches...remember hal in the movie "2001"... yeah, you get the picture!
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  10. by   AfloydRN
    Depends on which program they will be using. We use protouch, which is fairly user friendly, and cerner- which is not. Computer charting was instilled supposedly to make our jobs easier. The computer charting is a Pain and we still have TONS of paperwork to do as well. I don't think computerized charting has given me anymore time w/ my patients, which was the goal.
  11. by   possumtoes
    Iwork in an outpatient setting right now, but on the floor,we used meditech and I loved it.....eventually. When we went to computer for everything(meds,all charting),I was resitant but when I became comfortable with it, I loved it.
    Pros:You have immediate access to the whole chart, if you give a med that has pertinent labs i.e. coumadin,lasix or dilantin, the most recent lab values would pop up and if you had hi/lo you could make your decision righ there on the spot.
    Cons: computer was mounted on a very cumbersome medcart that went everywhere with you.Sometimes the computers went down and we had to paper chart.OH MY was like "how did I ever do THIS". If you arent already on computer charting, you will be soon thanks to JACHO and their favorite nurses curse ....tracer methodology, so just embrace it.
  12. by   moongirl
    dont ever have to wait for a doc to give up the chart
    can look up the prior shifts assessments
    immediate access to labs

    I have used Meditech.. easy enough for us students to get the hang of it!