Complementary Therapies and Networking

  1. I am a UK Registered Nurse using Aromatherapy in my work. I would like to set up a free network for Nurses also using complementary therapies.
    If you would like to join, please visit my website Aromacaringand follow the link to the Nursing Network.
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  3. by   Doc
    Dear Jane, you may get more people to join up if you remove the requirement to agree to have their details (email, etc) given to other members. In my experience there are always members of a discussion group who use this information for commercial purposes and I have chosen not to join because I don't want my email box inundated with advertising.
  4. by   jellwood
    Dear Narara,
    Thanks for your comment, I should have also pointed out that my site is totally non-commercial (done for love) and on no account will names be passed on to any other party, neither will members be sent any advertising etc.
    There are more details on the sign up form at theNursing Network Pagenull
    Jane Ellwood