1. im from indiana and i start nursing school here soon. i want to try to get on a rileys childrens hospital as a patient care assistant ( CNA ) untill i graduate. i guess my question is.... where do you suggest i start once i get out of scool to develop my skills? like med surg...etc?
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  3. by   shavsha
    Dear Clueless,
    First of all, congratualations on beginning nursing school. In nursing clinicals I was more surprised to find some areas that I thought I would love I didn't (OR, Psyche, L&D) and others I really enjoyed (ICU, ER). I just graduated and took a job on an acute med/surg floor because I wanted to lay a good foundation in assessment and skills. You might want to scroll down 4 or 5 pages and see the replies to my question "The value of Med/Surg Experience?". They were very interesting and thought provoking. Take Care and good luck!