Clc 2000

  1. Are any of your facilities trying out the new CLC 2000, and how do you like them? They are a fitting that connects onto the end of the PICC, central lines, etc. They are easy access and the hallmark feature is the fact they work on pressure to prevent the possibility of blood contamination, protecting both patient and nurse. My patients don't like them because of their bulk, having a tendancy to dig into the skin whenever there is pressure. As a nurse I don't like them because they are slick and difficult to aline perfectly with a syringe or tubing. What do you think?
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  3. by   Stormy
    I love them. A clotted line is NEVER a problem when you use these bulky little gadgets. The manufacturer guarantees CVC's will not clot with their use, and will reimburse the cost of the line if it does. We have never had to ask for a refund.