1. I am a first year nursing student and I wanted to hear from someone that they actually got thru this horrible chemistry. It is the only subject I am really worried about, I heard that they call it the "make it or break it class", where you really can tell if someone is committed to nursing. Please help. This class could get me kicked out of the program.
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  3. by   nsgsup
    Hang in there lily!
    My high school chemistry was a breeze, so I was completely unprepared for college chemistry. Try to team up with a fellow student that thinks it's easy. I made it thru with the help of a fellow nursing student! Don't be afraid to ask for help! It will be over before you know it....
  4. by   LRichardson
    Lily.. you said this is your first year of nursing school.. let me tell you .. there is at least one "make it or break it" class each year that has that reputation.. don't let it psyche you out.. go to class... prepare before you go.. ask questions..

    I struggled through Anatomy and Physiology and was so depressed.. i thought "geez if I don't get this I don't deserve to be a nurse".. i went and talked to my professor and he gave me the best advice I've ever received .. and that was to find the smartest person in the class and hang out with them.. find out HOW they're making an A.. so that's what i did..

    It was hard to approach her.. she was quite "the brain" and everyone knew it.. but EVERYONE likes hearing how smart they are.. so I was just honest with her.. told her what the teacher had told me.. she was flattered.. I made it clear i didn't want her to tutor me.. i just wanted to know how she studied.. she didn't think she did anything different from everyone else.. but she did.. she outlined the chapters the professor was going to cover that day in class where as I had been reading the chapters after class.. she wrote down things she didn't understand so she could ask about them during or after class.. it's hard to believe but i didn't spend any MORE time studying for that class.. but i did study smarter.. and am proud to say I went from a D average.. to getting the 2nd highest A in the class.. right behind my mentor.. <wink>

    Oh .. by the way? did I mention I was 31 at the time and my "mentor" was 19?? hehehehe.. so if I can do it girlie.. YOU can do it!!

    Best of luck to you!!
  5. by   accord
    lily, hang in there! I struggled through chemistry too. ask questions and hang out with someone who is excelling in the class. there will be other difficult courses you will encounter, so do not give up. my toughest nursing course was psyche. it was hard for me to grasp some of the concepts, but i prevailed. now i am struggling in graduate hang in there!

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