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I had a patient with C. diff, bottom so sore from going thousands of times, tells night shift his butt hurts. The nurse assumes he must be constipated and gives him milk of mag, even though there... Read More

  1. by   nakitamoon
    Only thing I can say is these ppl SCARE ME!!!!!! & there are way tooooo many of them,,,,,,~Moon
  2. by   GPatty
  3. by   angieRN
    I've got an update...same nurse tells me in report that a pt. had small amount of emesis from the g-tube of small bits of undigested food and that another pt.'s diagnosis included a large GERD and then repeated that he had a very large GERD. If she says it again tomorrow, I'm going to say, "Hey, have you measured the size of the pt's GERD. You really should measure it, so we can monitor if it changes in size." Heeeheeeheee. I'm evil.
  4. by   kids

    the sound of my forehead hitting the edge of the desk in an attempt to quiet the voices in my head.

  5. by   RNConnieF
    Just today had a staff RN,BSN (had to but that in because that's how she introduces herself; "This is Jane Smith, RN, BSN) who didn't know not to chart that she had completed an incident report on a patient fall. I think I learned in the second full mintue of nursing school to NEVER chart that an incedent report exists.
  6. by   kids

    they're baaacck...

  7. by   funnynurse
    Nanna nurse said it best, what possessed her to do that??? Some people take a little more time than others to provide excellent nurse care, I can honestly see a new grad doing this. Please, I hope you corrected her so that she does not make that mistake in the future (please say she was a new grad)
  8. by   KaraLea
    Originally posted by kids-r-fun

    they're baaacck...


    PLEASE, kids-r-fun, STOP!!!! It won't make the voices go away, believe me I've tried it myself and they are still there. NO, don't take my keys away...

    (BTW, did I mention that I work at a psych hosp?)

    :roll :hatparty:
  9. by   KaraLea
    Why is my forehead bleeding? And why are my co-workers coming at me with that jacket that ties in the back?

  10. by   l.rae
  11. by   zumalong
    Nursing= 1 part knowledge + 1 part compassion + 98 parts COMMON SENSE. If this formula is not mixed to the exact specifications then chaos will result.

    How many dumb nurses does it take to kill a patient??

    Only one.

    I still am waiting to hear what happened to the patient with the epidural who had IVP med?????

  12. by   angieRN
    No new grad here. This person has been a nurse for 30+ years!
  13. by   mattsmom81
    Hmm...Must be senility creeping up on her then.