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  1. Hey! OMGoodness...I just came from a site that said it gave medical was scary as heck...trolls that gave advice that people actually are taking...questions most kids already know about but asked by people in their 20's to 40's! And if I responded I got a load of crud from these 'desk chair medics' that know little about the difference between their...umm...rectum from mouth! I am seirous....lets chat about this wonderful thing called the internet, and how it may just make our jobs a living heck?

    Or other things too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Huggles and see ya all in there!
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    I am so serious..there was a topic about edema..and someone actually said that salt kills you right away! That salt in the blood isn't supose to be there and will kill you instantly because the heart cant' take salt! okay so much for the sodium potassium pump ruling contractions of the heart...let alone fluid regulation or why we give NS in IV's!!!!!!!!

    Another said that diabetics die only because they eat sugar, and if they don't eat sugars they will live..when asked about starch they said "starch isn't a sugar and has no meaning to a diabetic!" They also said ETOH is made from starch and not to worry about drinking!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE believe this stuff!!!!!!

    and they protrayed nurses and docs as pill pushers that don't care! I mean they jumped on me when I said that is not the case! This is scary stuff!

    Another person told someone with CHF to drink more water (he is 89!) because all that swelling is the bodys say of saving water! OH MY GOD!!!!!! I set him straight and found he had SOB and an abdomen that was so distended he looked beyond pregnant...he is in the ED hopefully now. He couldn't breathe and asked for internet help because "he didn't want to bother the doctor".

    WOW...okay not liking this!
  4. by   Danish
    How about the drug sites that prescribe you drugs and mail them to your house (for a premium of course) based on a simple questionaire....From Oxycontin to acutain.