1. It seems to me that the role and the structure of nursing is changing. This has a lot of nurses upset with their careers. It is up to the nurses to direct the change because some one is going to do it. Better us than than anybody.
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  3. by   Deb
    Tracy, sounds good in theory but do you have any concrete suggestions towards implementation?
  4. by   Cathy W
    I find it disappointing to work with nurses who complain about changes and do nothing! I am always trying to encourage them to provide data and submit proposals for new ideas at my jobs but they are not supportive at all. It is too bad because nurses are one of the biggest working groups today. A good way to effectively propose new ideas is to keep a log with specific examples and come up with a couple of solutions to change it. Show your proposal to the right people and professionally campaign for it. Results do happen. Cath

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