1. For the benefit of hundreds of nurses who are preparing for NCLEX-RN ....
    From those who cleared CGFNS & NCLEX-RN recently, can you please tell which are the best books/kits available in the market for both CGFNS and NCLEX-RN Exams .

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  3. by   Karat
    After asking many people who passed the boards myself, I have found the NSNA NCLEX-RN Review book from Delmar to be the best. It covers all the sections you need to know plus an extra section for pharmacology. It has eight full 100 question tests in the back along with frequent questions throughout the chapters. The chapters are written in outline form giving you what you really need to know. It also comes with a CD Rom with 200 questions. I highly recommend this book!!

    Good Luck!!!
  4. by   Dazy
    HI, I am Dazy studying CGFNS can you please let me know the books i should refer for this exam . please let me know at the earliest. Thank you