CEU's in Central New York

  1. I am relocating to New Hampshire in the fall and have applied for a license there. I need 30 ceu's, only 15 of them can be home study. I live in New York where they are not required at all! I have been spoiled. I have taken courses through work, but now have to come up w/ the remainder to make the 15. My roomate is moving w/ me and has only a few at all! Question is does any one know where in Central New York we can take outside conferences or courses for CEU's? I have tried the local hospitals and found nothing posted on web sites. Any other ideas. I have enough of the 15 alloted home study ceu's, now need the other 15. Thanks!
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    i'm in cny also...let me check some stuff at work..i'll get back to you tomorrow..