1. hello fellow nurses,i am a kinda new nurse(lpn).i finally got my license on christmas 2008!it was issued on january 5th,2009.i was wondering when my ceus were due?anyone have an idea?i dont want to wait for the notice in the mail want to kinda get a head start!!thanks guy!!
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  3. by   WalkieTalkie
    Check with your state's BON... it depends where you live.
  4. by   beckylpn1
    depends on the state that you are in
  5. by   berube
    all states are different, some don't require any
  6. by   NewRN2008
    check with the facility you will be working in as well. they will also (many times anyways) will have links for free ones, or ways you can get them by going to conferences thru work. but it does depend on the state.

    gl! and congrats!!