certifications/special training for new grad

  1. Hi, I am wondering what additional training would help me be more marketable in getting my first RN (and later ones too) job/s?
    So far I have heard from someone suggesting ACLS, basic EKG, and The IV and Blood Withdrawal Certification.
    Any others? Disagree?
    I would love to be well prepared, so my ears and eyes are open!
    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   Erbn Girl
    Adireen! It's great to hear that you want to be marketable but do you have any idea in what area of nursing you would like to go into? It would help in narrowing down some of the classes that would help you get started. Another idea would be to check the area employers in the field that you are interested in and see what they require their nurses to be trained in. Many employers pay for your training in ACLS and basic as well as 12-lead EKG courses if it is required for the job. Many of these courses are costly and are a part of an educational package offered by the employer. It's just a thought!
  4. by   adireen
    I would like to go into med-surg, and the reason I want to take these courses ahead of time is to be more marketable AHEAD of others at GRADUATION TIME. Therefore, waiting for someone else to pay for them is pointless. Besides, unless the RN who first discussed these courses with me is totally out of it, the total of the three classes combined is only about $400. I think she has taken them within the last couple to few years, so unless they have gone up dramatically . . .

  5. by   Erbn Girl
    Irene: Since money is not an issue for you as it is for many new graduates (after incurring years of schooling bills) getting the IV certification is helpful. As far as the ACLS goes, I waited until I had some time under my belt so that I had a better understanding of the concepts, but this is purely by my choice. Have you thought about basic EKG first and then possibly 12 Lead? Anyway...you know what you want and are trying to stay ahead of the game, and I commend you. When I was hired I was told it would not have made a difference if I had certain classes or not because my manager wanted us to have their own style of teaching at that time. I guess it is just situation-dependent.
  6. by   Erbn Girl
    Adireen..sorry...I just realized that you DID put down basic EKG..my mistake....