Centro by Palm.... Need opinions

  1. Hey guys just curious if anyone has the sprint phone Centro by palm smartphone and if they use for school or work. Such as using it to download reference charts, textbooks etc. How is it? Are you happy with it? Is it reliable??? etc

    All inputs are greatly appreciated.

    Just in case this is the phone im talking about. http://www.palm.com/us/products/smar.../centro/#specs

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  3. by   henryswife
    Yeah I Have The Red One......i Just Got My Mines A Week Ago.....i Like It Thus Far...it Is A Very Complicated Phone....like Most Pda's....luckily This Phone Comes With Its Own Customer Service Line Outside Of Sprint...i Have Tapped Into Some Of The Features....you Can Print From This Phone....power Point..excel...word...amazing...and Much More...its Like A Mini Computer Pretending To Be A Phone...lol
  4. by   AngeinJax
    I am finishing up nursing school and just got the Palm TX, my boyfriend is not in the medical field and got the Centro two months ago. I would have gotten the same thing, but I can't use a smart phone, only a PDA. I have loaded some of my programs on it and seems to work great. Has the ability to add memory, which is essential with the size of these programs. I like being able to go directly online, as opposed to the TX, where you need a wi-fi, but the TX also has blue tooth, so I could get online if I had a data package with my cell phone. I think it is a great little phone!
  5. by   dianacs
    I have the Centro. So far, so good. There are lots of free applications available for download.