Celiac Disease

  1. Hi there!!!
    I am a Canadian Nursing Student in my second year of university studies (BSc.N). My name is Tamara DeCraemer, and I am doing a research project on Celiac Disease which involves communicating with Celiac patients and Celiac nurse "experts" via email, with the ultimate goal of the paper being to suggest changes which need to be made to nursing care of clients with Celiac Disease, and to better understand the needs of Celiac clients.
    I have found several clients willing to correspond with me, but have only found one nurse willing to correspond with me. I am looking for nurses who are experienced with Celiac Disease who would be willing to exchange a few emails with me - each with a few questions regarding care of clients with Celiac Disease, and only requiring as much as an answer as seen as appropriate by the respondent.
    If anyone is interested please respond to me offlist, my email address is frosteefire@hotmail.com.
    Thank you very much for your time, and I thank anyone who takes interest in my research.
    Tamara DeCraemer frosteefire@hotmail.com

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