cecome pro-active not reactive. Get involved!

  1. Hi All.
    Most of us have a friend or relative with a chronic health issue. Heaven knows all of you see these folks each work day. There are numerous National agencies lending support and educational programs and paying lobbyists to carry their cause to Washington.For example, I recently logged on to the Amer. Heart Assoc. and found a plea for letters to be written to Washington for support of a bill before Congress to extend funding for therapy after stroke for Medicare patients.
    I composed a letter, sent it online, the bill was passed and a few days later I actually got a written response. Now I know I didn't singlehandedly do this alone but I sure will be looking for any other opportunity to bang my drum. You guys and gals have a heck of a lot of credibility so if you all unite in a cause the nurses of the world could be a force to be reckoned with.
    STOP BEATING EACH OTHER UP!!! It doesn't accomplish anything.
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