Catching up.... - page 2

Whew! Taking a breather here to catch up on news and happenings. I sure do miss everyone. Have kind of been feeling 'out of the loop' lately. Hopefully, at this point in my life... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Glad to see you back among your siblings! :kiss
    I wondered where you disappeared to. You missed the posts where we were sharing our kids and grandkids pictures...even pictures of our pets, but you can still post that beautiful granddaughter for us if you'd like to show her off. I've seen her beautiful picture already, and I can't imagine how much she has grown. Hope you'll be posting with us more in the near future. Much happiness to you in your new home and job. :kiss
  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Mary! All right!!! I missed you and talking with you during the good old days of my nursing entry. You have an extremely full life and congrats with all that. Your life sounds exciting! Action! Now your a grandma; Do you have a rocker yet :-) I know north carolina is hot in the summer. Aww it's so cool to see you back. Wecome to you from the bottom of my spinal cord! (in the cone)