Case Management in New England

  1. looking for position in Conn/R.I./Mass

    looking for temp/perm/contract or perm position

    Workers' Comp w/HMO Managed Care experience in Fla

    also 25 years of clinical/management experience
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  3. by   Paul Manzo
    Hi Jacqi-

    Please read all the way through, the ending is awesome....
    My name is Paul Manzo and our company, TravCorps, founded the traveling nurse industry in 1978 and is now working with RN's to assist them with their permanent job searches. Over the past 20 years we have established contracts with 5,000+ facilities throughout the country. Call me at 800-810-5396 and fax your resume to me at 800-388-2016-we can discuss your career goals. Client facilities pay all fees and there is no cost at all to you. Email

    We are currently finalizing a contract with a national HMO who we will be assisting with their search for UR/QA RN's in CT. So please call me....800-810-5396
  4. by   MediStaff
    At MediStaff we have many Nurses that are seeking various positions
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